Wednesday, December 27, 2006

You gotta stand up straight, Carry your own weight

oooh, it's been quiet hasn't it? All I've been doing is eating roast beef all day, and then I went to the pub this afternoon/evening and drank guinness. done.

I did get around to watching 'The Machinest' which I bought on DVD last week for £4.99 in WHSmith whilst Xmas shopping. One of the main talking points about this film was that its star, Christian Bale, lost 63 pounds to play the role. Quite amazing and he apparently ate one can of tuna and one apple a day as part of his 'diet'. After this film he then had to bulk up for 'Batman Returns'. Not a bad film in all, and I won't spoil any of it for you.

(in The Machinest)

(in Batman Begins)

I'd better start getting buff hadn't I?


Aravis said...

I saw him interviewed after this. He said that bulking up was a lot more fun! *G*

Anonymous said...

No shit! :-)

Has to be said, it's an amazing transformation; my weight has hardly changed during my whole adult life (15+ years) so I can't really imagine it.

It can't be good for you though. Still, I'd do it if someone was going to pay me millions of dollars as a result!

Pynchon said...

I read that about Christian Bale. I'm amazed he didn't have a heart attack, or something.