Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Early in the morning, just as day is dawning, he picks up all the post bags in his van.

I got my new camera today!! I get most packages delivered to my work as there is always someone there to sign for them, and so when I got in this morning it had arrived!!

I've only got to play with it a little bit and there's loads of features on it that will take a while to learn.

I am happy.


Aravis said...

What a wonderful treat to be greeted with upon arriving at work! Congratulations and have fun!

Nils said...

Yah! Good on you. All the birds are singing, the day is just beginning, Adem is really happy man, right?

Oh, something funny with our comments. If I click from my feed reader to the post and someone's already commented, I have to go via home and click the comments link in order to comment myself? Very weird.

Lord Bargain said...

*cBeebies earworm alert*

Flash said...


adem said...

Aravis - I got to play with it last night but the majority of my photos were terrible (I had to not use the flash as I was at a performance). I anticipate much better results next time though.

Nils - hmmm.. you seem to be right.

I suppose when one sticks to an original template none of this comes up.

Thanks for the tip and I'll have a look through the code later on.

Worryingly I also spotted a few explorer/firefox problems too.

A good look through it is required.

LB- Do they still show Postman Pat?

adem said...

oooh...just missed you Flash.

ditto Yay!

Aravis said...

With all of the features, it can take awhile to find the settings that work best for the shots you want. I use flash as little as possible, but at a concert you would have to, if only you were allowed. Unless you set it for a slower shutter speed, but then you have to have a very steady hand to avoid blurring.