Friday, April 29, 2005

When I was younger, so much younger than today...

It dawns on me that I don't get up to as many capers and high jinks as I used to in my distant youth. I'm more responsible, I only drink one night a week, I have hobbies, and I try and look after my money. Let's face it I'm turning into an old person.

It seems that I can now draw a line between being young and now (I'm only 24!) I used to wonder what age it was that this started to happen to 'young' people, at what age did things start to change? Now I age!

I no longer use the phrase 'when I'm older' as it seems that time seems to be moving quickly, and another year has past.

I do sometimes long for the escapades of past and I suppose the only real thing stopping me is responsibility. I have to go to work, I have commitments outside of work, and it seems I don't have enough time to do everything. The obvious solution would be to not work but this isn't viable as I need to pay for certain things like shelter, food, and the luxuries that I've been accustomed to.

So there we go responsibility is to blame. It's true. But one can't lead their lives without experiencing responsibility so the extra effort has to be made to find time and organise these escapades.

So farewell impromptu experiences, hello planned fun.

It's a bit harder to plan things than just go and do it but it's the only real way that I'll get to do more 'fun' things. Everyone has these timetables of responsibilities and it's hard work finding when everyone has these 'windows' in their diaries for participation in fun.

I'll keep you updated on any developments in the 'trying to stay young' plans. If all fails I'll keep working so I 'm able to fund my mid-life crisis and afford that sports car and the fit secretary to have an affair with!

If anyone's got any suggestions of fun group activities (not swinging) then please leave a comment.

Monday, April 25, 2005

It's the end of the world as we know it.

I had a very weird dream last night and it was one of those ones where you wake up quite a few times but immedietly fall asleep and back into the dream.
I was very disorientated at the beginning and somehow there had been some type of catastrophe and basically all power and communications had dissapeared and chaos had ensued.

I wasn't sure how this had happened but it had something to do with
birds (most notably seagulls!), very strange, some hitchcockian drama no doubt.

I ended up holed up in a flat with some other people (not sure who they were but I think they were friends). I noticed some nice cigars and I stole a few of each kind and put them in my pocket for later (they might come in handy).

I looked at my phone, but was told there was no signal. There was a flicker of a bar but that was it. It was then that I discovered my phone was in quite bad condition, the screen was cracked and scratched (how did that happen?).
Anyway it was at this time that I noticed a phone (which I was told belonged to Andy H) I looked on it and there was a long email on it.
It told be that several people had died (I think they were abroad) and they were mostly members of the band Moloko (well i saw a report about
Roisin Murphy) hmmm still quiet weird.

In the flat we had relative luxury (apparently there was power here and the fridge was fully stocked) the only problem was keeping ourselves secret and hidden. We left the flat once and when we returned there was a group of around a dozen people in there all preparing the food, they'd got in and I was expecting a lot worse, instead they greeted us and I thought we might as well just get along. The dream goes a bit more weird now and I think my imagination and recollection of zombie films cuts in as it involved a chase in icecream vans, someone getting bitten by a zombie, and that's

I'm sure there's a lot I don't remember but keep an eye out for things like this really happening.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

St. George's Day?

It passed by without a whimper. You may not even know it but yesterday was St. George's Day (the Patron Saint of England), a day for celebrating England. I think their should be a national pride and having a special day is a way to educate people about England and its history but there is something lacking about the day and their isn't the normal take-up on this day.
As mentioned in a previous post I had my fill of being Oirish on St. Patricks day but yesterday my local pub had english wine-tasting and was promoting Bombadier (a traditional English Ale) but their wasn't that buzz about it. I think the main factor that no-one goes crazy about it is because there isn't any money to be made and being English isn't a stereotype.
Maybe next year bombadier can do a promotion and give away bowler hats, or maybe Morris Dancer gear?

F**k the BNP

Well, the BNP released their manifesto today (well yesterday if you're gonna be picky about it). Usually the BNP are associated with being racists but I hope that the stupidity of their manifesto will shock people into doing what's right.
Their manifesto relies on no immigration, active servicemen standing guard at all major ports, and all ex servicemen carrying guns at home, etc, etc,
I may be a little pissed at the moment but I hope you all see my point of view.
Oh and also f**k Veritas!

Update 18:20 24/4/05: Yes I was very drunk, still well done to me for censoring my swearing!

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Election Update

If you've read my previous post about the elections then you know I'm not too keen on the Conservative Party well I was watching 'Have I Got News For You' last week and an interesting fact arose.
Ian Hislop, editor of Private Eye, said that the Tories slogan 'Are you thinking what we're thinking?' was infact an adaptation of the slogan used by French fascist and founder of the National Front Jean-Marie Le Pen in his 1988 Presidency campaign.
“Notre programme est-ce que vous pensez” - “Our programme is what you are thinking”
Jean Marie Le Pen, National Front Party, 1988 Election
(Private Eye, 15th April 2005)

very interesting...


i'm usually pretty good at keeping my blog up to date but lately I've been a bit lax. I apologise and have fallen foul of this major faux-pas. I like it when people read my blog and when people leave comments, this was one of the reasons of joining blogexplosion.
For those of you who don't know, Blogexplosion is a site where you register your blog and surf other people's blogs. The way it works is that you click on a button to randomly surf other peoples' blogs. You have to spend 30 seconds on the site and then you can move onto the next site if you want. For every visit you gain part credits and these can be redirected in your account so that when other people are doing what you're doing then they will be visiting your site. So the more sites you surf, the more visitors you get.
So after all this work I leave my blog untouched for a week and have maybe lost a few visitors....terrible.
I hate it when sites are updated, not neccesarily blogs, but any site, it's lazy.
Let's see if I can change.....and find something interesting to blog about.

If there's any topic you want me to talk about or any questions you have then post a comment here, I'll give due consideration to all (If I can be bothered)

Friday, April 15, 2005

Not a good way to start the morning

I woke up, I'd had a good sleep, I had boiled eggs for brekkie, I'd got dressed, I'm just leaving the house and it's then that I spot something familiar on the road, something very familiar, that shouldn't be there. Shock, it's my driver-side wing mirror glass!.......again!
I think everyone can accept that you might lose a mirror once, but now it's the third time! And they all happened in different places! If it just happened on my street then maybe I'd fold the wing mirrors in at night, but it's happened twice in another town too, this is the first time at my house.
The last time it happened I had to replace the motor that controls the mirror at that had got f**ked too. I suppose this time it's only the mirror but as they cost about £6 a pop it's an expense I don't really need.
It just pisses me of that people will drive past, knock off my mirror, and not give a shit about it.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Heineken Glasses

Hey, I need the money so I'm selling some of the crap that's accumulated around the house. Ebay is the obvious option and I've been using it for a while now but it seems that everything I sell goes towards more crap that I buy. So why not help me out. I know this is a blatant money making exercise but I might as well broaden the spectrum of people looking at the item.
My new items for sale are 24 Heineken Pint Glasses!

If you want to make me some money then click here for the link to ebay.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Well it's all go on the whole elections front with coverage on in the newspapers and on TV.
The thing is that I don't know who to vote for. My feeling are that Labour and Conservative are basically the same and there aren't a huge amount of differences between them. At the end of the day I'm sure that they lost the motive behind their initial formation and could be called anything. Labour was born out of the trade union movement with the aim of giving a political voice to the working classes. I'm sure that the MPs know all about being working class.
One Party that I definitely won't be voting for is the Conservatives, or Torys as you may know them (the term "Tory" comes from the Irish Gaelic word for "bandit" or "outlaw"). I am shocked by their slogan 'are you thinking what we're thinking' and their views on immigration, preying on the xenophobia of many of the population of Britain who view immigrants as a problem that will eventually cause the downfall of 'our country'. One of the posterboards that caused a great outcry was one saying "it's not racist to impose limits on immigration". My simple reply to this is yes it is.
We are a country built by immigrants and we wouldn't be the country we are today without people who have come to this country from other shores and contributed to it. It seems that people might need to scrub up on their history and learn a little more about the world.
There are quite a few people who feel this way and have altered the posters.

The only good soundbites I've heard have come from the Green Party and their pledges to cut pollution. What! A party who are actually altruistic in their pledges! Amazing isn't it. Still they probably won't a huge amount of voters and it seems everyone is quite short sighted and are only in it for 'me, me, me.'

I know this post has been a bit wayward without any real structure but I hope you get the gist.

Pah, who believes in democracy anyway? Why do we all need a say?

Friday, April 08, 2005

Scarey Stuff.

I've just booked a few flights for a daytrip to Edinbrough through EUJet who fly from an airport, Manston, just a few miles from my home. They've been doing an offer lately where they had 50,000 seats going on sale where on the first day there were the tickets cost £20 each way, the next day they were £15, the next £10, the next £5, and today just 1p! Of course you have to factor in tax and the fact these seats are only for flights on a tuesday, wednesday, or a thursday. Well I got 3 return flight for £113.43 (not the 6p I hoped it might be!). But even more shocking was when I recieved my confirmation email.

"This email has been sent by a robot"! A robot actually sent me an email...amazing...but a little scarey when you read the second sentance: "Please do not reply to it". Why not? Is this a thinly veiled threat? I just have visions of 'Robby the Robot' from 'Lost in Space' typing these emails. He's been out of the limelight for 50 years and has developed some very disturbing personality disorders. It doesn't bare thinking about..........."Danger, Will Robinson!".

April Fools.

All the days seem to blend in together for me and the dates just roll by. Apparently it was April Fool's Day on 1st April (did they change it this year?) and I didn't actually realise this till the end of the day. I never had any tricks played on me and didn't actually see any as I didn't get a chance t read any of the pleb papers.
At the 'Museum of Hoaxes' they've made alist of the Top 10 Worst April Fool's Day Hoaxes Ever.
Classics. If you missed out on April Fool's Day much like I did then you would have a laugh at the fun this day brings to people all around the world.....

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Stuff that really pisses me off!!!

I'm an OK driver, nothing too special but I try my best, and try to obey the laws and perform general driver etiquette.
It's not hard to acknowledge someone when they've let you out of a busy junction, it's not hard to use your indicator when turning off a roundabout, it's not hard to not be a prick, but people still do these things. I know they're only little things, but when they happen I get a bit angry, and when I get angry, people get hurt.
So here's my top 5 vehicle related annoyances.

1. People who don't indicate. It's not hard and it lets me know where you're going so I don't drive into you.
2. People who park in disabled spaces when they're not disabled. You wanna see disabled? Let me catch you doing that, you'll soon be getting your blue badge.
3. Baby on Board stickers. Is that meant to stop me crashing into you? Do you know what it makes me want to do? It makes me want to crash into you! I'd do it on purpose!
4. People who don't know what the National Speed limit means. It does not mean 30mph when you should be doing 60mph!
5. Taking up two parking spaces. Are you retarded? Can you not park in one space? Is it too hard or are you just a lazy moron?

I've actually started to get quite angry just writing that list and can feel it coursing through my body. Thank God I'm not driving anywhere tonight. I did go to Tescos a little earlier to pick up a few bits and bobs and was already presented with #2 and #5 on the list (see pictures below).

I'm gonna have to end the post now as I think I might actually do some harm. I feel so angry,......argghhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I've been off work for a wee bit over Easter and taken some holiday time. Sunday was the end of the road and on Monday I had to return to work, but I actually went out savoured the last of my 'freedom'.
I went down to Pegwell Bay with a few friends, supped a few pints, and then meandered over to Broadstairs till the end of the evening.
I know it's not a very interesting story but I need to put a new post up as I have been found lacking for the past few weeks.
Anyway, check out the pictures I took at the Belle Vue pub, Pegwell.

The pub is on the clifftop and so I was able to get these cool pics of some guy kitesurfing.