Friday, June 30, 2006

Get this party started on a Saturday night

Parties are like Buses, you wait for one and then three come along at the same time, in this case all on Saturday!

Mel is having a belated BBQ on Saturday Afternoon, which is obviously going to be interupted by the England versus Portual footy match at 4pm, but I've been told they will have the TV on. Then in the evening it's the Butcher Family's annual party. These both occur in Ramgate so I thought I was going to be able to make both of these, but then something else turned up too.

One of my old friends, Karen, is leaving Chichester [I lived there for 5 years] and moving away [not sure where]. Now I've got to get my priorities right, and I can see the people in Ramsgate everyday but I don't get to see people in Chichester everyday, let alone the ones that are leaving. My track record of keeping in touch with old uni pals is pretty poor too, so I've made the decision to go to Chichester instead and miss out on 2 parties here. Damn.

I don't have to be in Chichester till 9pm, but it is 135 miles away, which means leaving at 6:30pm by the latest, which means I could squeeze in Mel's party and the footy, but what if the match goes to extra-time or penalties?? It would mean the match not finishing till gone 7pm and me being late for Karen's party in Chi. So to watch all the match I will have to be on the road to Chichester by 1pm, and watch the match there.

I've been running all possible permutaions through my head but that's the only way I can do it and catch all the football. Football beats all parties by the way.

I'm thinking I'll maybe stay in Chichester for Sunday night too and travel back early on Monday for work.

Why does it have to be so complicated??

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Right round like a record, baby

SwissToni has been running a Shuffleathon over at his place, which I'm sure you all know about, which involved making a CD containing 12 of your favourite tracks and then sending it out to another participant randomly drawn out of ST's metaphorical hat. In was sent an email informing me that I was to send my CD out to Tina from Your mind and we, and you can see her review of it here.

The idea was to create your CD before you knew who was going to get it, and thus it would be completely uninfluenced, meaning it would be your own favourites on the CD. It was very hard to limit myself to 12 songs, and many other favourites had to be chopped off, but I wanted to capture the... the sights, the sounds... the smells of a hard-working rock band, on the road. And I got that; I got more... a lot more. But hey, enough of my yakkin'; whaddaya say? Let's boogie!

A beach and a pretty girl, if you just drink their potion

I've just got back from a drink in Canterbury [2 nights in a row now!], this time with Students who were on my backstage crew at the Summer Ball. It was nice to go out with some "young 'uns" although I didn't get to do myself proper justice as I had to get the train back to Ramsgate with the last one being at 11:15pm. Bummer, I could have made more of a prat of myself given that extra drinking time!

Once thing I did learn tonight is as follows: NEVER put your mobile phone, some loose change, and a rechargeable battery in your pocket. I was in Wetherspoons and I felt my pocket get hot. Someone had just bought some chips and I wondered if one of them had dropped on me, but 'no', it was infact the case that my mobile phone had heated up my battery, and thus in turn, my coins, resulting in some very hot metal in my pocket! I'm not exactly sure why it happened but I guess it's something to do with the radiation given out by the phone. This has given me some other questions due to the phones almost constant placement in my jeans pocket...such as, as the boys in the barracks fine??

Off to sleep now.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The pleasure is to play, makes no difference what you say

I bet that Spain would beat France, and yet I was happy that France won. Why? Well I placed some bets at Ladbrokes on a series of matches forming an accumulater. I actually had 2 accumulaters running. The matches were for the 2nd round, and in the first i had wins for England, Portugal, Italy, Ukraine, Brazil, and Spain, and in the second bet the only difference was that I had a win for Switzerland instead of Ukraine.

So on wednesday I was watching the match between Switzerland and Ukraine, and was willing one of them to win, but as fate had it neither of them wanted to lose, and so they played the game out in search for extra time and penalties. Damn. Obviously I'd lost my bet, but I would've been really annoyed if all the other results had come up, and I'd been screwed out of a few hundred quid due to a boring draw.

So I was happy France won, as it meant my bet was way off, and I wouldn't have won anyway.


On another note I'm entering a Uni football team into a league next year which means we need a football kit, which obviously costs money. If you know anyone that would be interested in sponsoring the team, and having their company name emblazened across the chest of some strapping lads around the South-East, and won't mind sparing around £500 then get them in touch with me. Thanks.

Give me red wine because it make me feel fine

Busy day yesterday was, and that was nice. I got the train over to Canterbury for work, had a productive day, and then went for a meal too. "A meal?" I hear you ask. Yes, at Marlowes, courtesy of DotMobile. DotMobile have been doing a lot of promotion at the Uni and decided that because they love us so much they'd take us out for dinner with the remainder of their hospitality budget. In the end 6 of us went and we all had 3 courses, with me having garlic mushrooms for starter, blackened chicken [spicy chicken on a bed of leaves] for Main, and then some absurdly sweet chocolate cake [which I couldn't finish]. I was stuffed. The good thing about the restaurant was that you could bring your own wine, so I treated myself to a whole bottle of Arniston Bay Rose, which at 13.5% [£3.98 from Tesco], got me on the way to being sozzled.

We popped into a bar afterwards and then everybody left having other committments. boo hoo. I then decide to pop in on Jonny, watch the remainder of the Spain vs France football match, then get absolutely thumped at Pro Evo on the PS2, and then wander down to the train station for the 10:16 train back to Ramsgate. I got indoors at 11pm, and felt ready for bed then, but I realised Lost was on E4, and so had to stay up till midnight. I then slept very well. I think wine may be my drink of choice over the summer, especially the Rose, which although not as classy as a nice red or white, most definitely refreshes a darn sight quicker.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

'Cause I remember...

So yesterday was the football match between England and Ecuador. In previous years I have always watched matches at pubs, as they serve beer and usually have a great atmosphere, but this year I haven't watched any games in pubs or bars, instead choosing to watch them at home or at other peoples houses.

For this match it was my turn to be host and I threw in a BBQ to boot. The match wasn't brilliant... but the food was yummy. Lot's of people came around and we all squeezed around my 32" TV, which I have to admit doesn't compare to the big screen in the pub. I suppose another thing you don't get is the atmosphere from the pub when a group of strangers join in unison, but I think the pro's of being with friends at home outnumber the pro's of pubs and I suppose the con's of pub life too, such as drunks and hooligans.

I don't know where I'll be watching the next game.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Come on get up everybody

So how was my weekend?? Not too shabby, thanks for asking. What you want to know more?? Are you sure?? Hey, I'm a poet... and I didn't even know it!

On Friday I got drunk. I'm not proud of it but there was something inside me that really needed a drink having spent the last few Friday's working. I doomed myself to insobriety by starting my evening on the old wifebeater, and only going onto softer lagers near the end of the night. As a prize for my drunkeness I rewarded myself with a Donner Kebab [lot's of salad and chilli sauce]. I woke up at 8am not feeling too well, but a few hours I was as good as new.

On Saturday afternoon I went down to the beach with Chris, Andy, Ian, Hannah, Dan, Kerry, Jodi, and Harrison, but I could only stay for a while as I had to get back for something at 4pm. It wasn't as hot as last time but Chris and myself still went in the sea for a swim, and surprisingly it was actually warmer than last time, when I got cramp in my feet from the freezing water. The afternoon/early evening was spent at my Mum's school, at a mini fete where I was helping out, and then around 9pm I went round Jonny's where everyone had been for the evening, and I had the last few of my coronas and indulged in Scattergories till 1am.

Next up was the football on Sunday...... to be continued [when I can be bothered typing more].

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Last Night a DJ Saved My Life

I have quite an eclectic taste in music, although it's probably condensed over the past few years as I've been exposed to less genres than when I was at University with so many people who took pride in their music.

I also went out clubbing a bit more when I was at Uni too and would often hear a lot of new tunes or different remixes. If I was still bopping around I think I'd like this:

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


My Hayfever is still really bad.

At Uni it's slowing down now as the majority of the students have finished for the summer. I've also booked my remaining holiday off from work and so will have 3 weeks off in August. Yay!!

Nothing much to say.

Night Night.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Make hay not war

My hayfever has been the worst today, and I hate it. I've got the whole runny nose, watery eye thing down to a tee.

Also I've just remembered that last night I had a dream that I had been arrested on terror charges. I can't remember a huge amount of the dream but can remember thinking that it was first a big joke, but then it slowly dawned on me that they weren't joking. They wouldn't give me any explanation and were going to hold me indefinitely. I felt helpless. This was only a dream, so imagine if it was for real??

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Fight for your right, to party.

It's Sunday evening now and I'm very tired as the weekend has now caught up with me.

Friday was a very busy day as it was the Christ Church Students' Union Summer Ball, which is an end of year ball catering for around 1,250 students, featuring some top acts, and running from 8pm till 6am. Last year I actually went to the Ball but this year I was 'Backstage Manager' which, obviously, meant managing everything that went on backstage, sorting out arrangements for the artists' arrival, ensuring they were comfortable once they were here, sorting out arrangements with the sound engineers, trying to ensure that the running order of the evening was kept too and that the acts all went on stage on time. This was the basic stuff, but there was plenty of other stuff thrown in with acts turning up late, problems with security, and a whole wealth of other things that turned up over the evening.

The night actually went really well and I didn't have too many problems with the evening, and best of all, the acts were people that I actually liked. There were lulls in between whilsts the acts were on stage and I was able to catch parts of the show from backstage and also front of house, and also manage to take quite a few photos which you can see here.

I've dealt with a lot of of acts in the past but have found quite a lot of them to be 'up their arses' and quite distant, only there to go on stage, play by numbers, and then leave, but I'm happy to say it was quite different this year. The acts this year included:

The Feeling - A UK 5 piece band, who've just released their debut album, going in the UK album charts at no.2, having reached no.7 and no.10 in the UK charts with their last two singles. This booking was quite a coo as they were booked months ago before they'd released anything, and are now set for some very big things.


Lucie Silvas - A UK singer and songwriter, who has had a platinum album, and 4 top 40 singles. She's also written other artists including Sarah Whatmore, Gareth Gates, Will Young, Rachel Stevens and Liberty X.


MVP - An American hip-hop duo who hit the big time last year with the song "Rock Ya Body, Mic Check 1, 2".


Trevor Nelson - A UK DJ and presenter, who has an R'n'B show on Radio 1.


Scott Mills - Another DJ from Radio 1, who presents the drivetime show.


I was quite looking forward to meeting Scott Mills and Trevor Nelson, as I really like their Radio shows, and they come across as very funny and very nice people. Sometimes people have an public personality and a private personality, acting nice-as-pie for PR, but being absolute c**ts face to face, who've let celebrity go to their heads. I was hoping this wasn't the case with them, and I'm happy to say that this wasn't the case and they were brilliant.

Some of our student crew who were working the ball wanted to meet the acts, and this is something I had to keep an eye on, so that the acts wouldn't get pissed off, but they were all very happy to have a quick chat and sign some posters. I normally don't go for autographs and alike but as I was in a position to speak to all the acts I got them all to sign a Summer Ball poster for me. I was very happy.

I'd have to say that my 'top moment' was when I was backstage and The Feeling had just finished their set, and had come off stage. I was expecting them to go back on for an encore but the lead singer wasn't really up for it because he was annoyed that some of the crowd had left after the singles had been played, but it didn't take much egging on to persuade them to go back, and so from the wings I saw them perform a Beastie Boys cover (You Gotta) Fight forYour Right (to Party). It ROCKED!!!

They were our last live band for the night, finishing their set at around 3am, then it was time for Trevor Nelson to play an hour, and a local club DJ to play till 6am.

After Trevor Nelson had finished his slot and the local DJ was on, I was able to relax, knowing that everything had gone well and that my day was soon to end. Once I'd got all the changing rooms cleared, sorted out any other outstanding buisness, and checked everything off my list I decided to make a move at around 5:30am. I was amazed that around 100 or so students were still dancing in the main hall... amazing.

I had arranged to stay at Jonny's as he has a house just across the road from the Uni, but as I wa pretty much awake I thought I might as well just drive home, so I had a deserved sit down for 30 minutes before driving back to Ramsgate and crawling into bed at 6:30am.

I was then up at 11:15am and packing the car for a day and night in Lewisham [South East London, near Greenwich] for Steve's World Cup themed Birthday BBQ. I was quite tired in the early afternoon but after a few beers I was 'back on it' and stayed up till the end of the party at around 2am. I had an excellent time and really enjoyed myself, especially our 'rave' in the kitchen and garden!!

I had to get up at 8:45am as Ian and myself had our football AGM at 11am and had to get back home. For the second year running I won 'Clubman of the year', which is basically an award for shit players who put in a lot of effort!!

Today I feel very tired, and have had a quick kip this afternoon, but at least I can say I've had a very productive weekend although today has been wasted a little bit.

I hope you all had good weekends too.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Lift my head, I'm still yawning

I went to work at 10am...... I finished work at 5:30am. You can either call me Marty McFly or knackered.

Now off to Lewisham.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Great Balls of Fire

Yesterday at 5pm I watched a England play poorly against Triniday & Tobago, but at least we got the right result in the end. We'll leave it at that except to say that we definitely played better once the substitutions were made.

Then at 8pm it was off to the pub to say 'Happy Birthday' to Mel, and then at 9.20pm I left to go to Folkestone to see my friends band Ticklin The Pickle. I was in two minds as whether to go, as it was already quite late, and could either stay in Ramsgate, or drive the 35 minutes to Folkestone, see the guys, and then drive back at midnight. In the end I really couldn't stand the pub as it was hot, busy, and full of the same-old-same-old, and thought I'd rather enjoy a nice drive by myself and seeing a few old friends.

I really enjoyed the drive and I can't believe I'm going to say this but at 9:30pm I drove through Dover and the harbour looked fantastic. I guess it was due to the liminal lighting and also the fact that it was very quiet. Getting to Folkestone was easy but I forgot the way to get to the venue, got stuck on the ring road and had to park at the bottom of the High Street, 5 minutes away from Chambers. I got there just in time for their first set break and caught up with them and had a chat with Tim [who plays the Hammond organ]. I've been getting some T-shirts for the band printed, and have spent quite a bit of time on that, designing other merchandise, and also the website [which really does need an overhaul over summer], and as a thankyou Tim gave me £60.... Kiss my face!

TTP played really well and the crowd loved it, and so at around midnight when they'd finished I made my way back home to little Ramsgate.

Today I have a very busy day due to the Summer Ball, and I also have Steve's party in Lewisham tomorrow, so I won't be posting till Sunday at the earliest.

Laters all.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I've had my chances, And they had me. Now stay up nights, Watch TV

Isn't it weird how listening to certain songs can bring memories flooding back, and that weird feeling of nostalgia, especially if you haven't listened to them for a long time?

I was at work in Canterbury today and have had the same CDs in the car for a while [Kosheen + Maximo Park], and so before I had a look through my albums and picked up 'Q:Presents Best of the Best 97', which was a free CD given away with Q Magazine in 1997. In 1997 I was in sixth-form at school, and was obviously a very different person then to who I am now. At that time I was really into films and music [obsessively], and would spend any money I had on videos and CDs, and would also buy a lot of film and music magazines too, which included Q, a magazine that could fulfill by obsession.

Every year Q magazine would review the albums of the year and make a CD containing what it considered as the best tracks, and then stick in on the front of the mag. 1997 was certainly a different time from today as mp3s weren't around, neither were CD burners, and so you had to either copy music to cassettes or actually *shock* buy the albums you wanted. The Q set of CDs didn't always pick the songs that had been singles and hits, and instead picked what they considered 'the best' track off the album.

The 1997 tracklisting is as follows:

1 The Chemical Brothers - Block Rockin' Beats
2 U2 - Wake Up Dead Man
3 Texas - Black Eyed Boy
4 Erykah Badu - On and on
5 Bush - Swallowed
6 Prodigy - Diesel Power
7 Supergrass - Tonight
8 Portishead - Cowboys
9 Depeche Mode - Barrel of a Gun
10 Blur - Country Sad Ballad Man
11 Mansun - Mansun's Only Love Song
12 Primal Scream - Burning Wheel
13 Roni Size & Reprazent - Heroes
14 Oasis - Fade In-Out
15 Radiohead - The Tourist

As I was driving in the car, memories I thought long gone, came back to me, and it was weird to think that the first time I'd heard the CD was nearly a decade ago. Some seriously weird shit, eh?

Music is very special and I don't think I'll have the same feeling with music that is produced nowadays. A large majority of my new albums are in electronic form and I will be quite unlikely to stumble across one of the albums in another 9 years and get the same feeling. Everywhere I turn I'm faced with music, not always a bad thing, but sadly a huge majority of it is rubbish, and it means that I have less respect for it, as I can get it anywhere at anytime. It has been cheapened by its easy accessibility.

I think I need to go rooting around in my CD collection more often as there are some gems hidden in there.

Why not have a listen to a couple of the tracks below?

Erykah Badu - On and on

Bush - Swallowed

Work It Harder, Make It Better, Do It Faster, Makes Us stronger

Tip of the Day:
If you have broadband then regularly log-in to your account and check what package you are on. When I first got broadband at home in 2004 I signed up with Tiscali and was paying £17.99 for 512K unlimited, which was cool. The service was good and the price was competitive, but a while later I checked my account and found out I could 'upgrade' to 1MB but still pay exactly the same price, which yet again was cool, but why didn't they tell me??

I still don't really find the need to log-on to my Tiscali account as I pay by direct debit, and the money comes out of my bank at the same time every month, but I have popped in every so often, and have so far 'upgraded' my 1MB to only £15.99 a month, and then 'upgraded' to 2MB for £17.99, and then 10 minutes ago I 'upgraded' my 2MB from £17.99 a month, to £15.99 a month.

It may not amount to a great deal, with a few quid saved every month and some extra bandwidth, but I can guarantee that there are some people paying Tiscali more than I do, but will be getting less of a service.

Well, that's another boring, money saving post over.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I'm not a telephone junkie

Last month I instigated the move from a pay monthly contract over to pay as you go on my mobile phone in order to try and save some money.

I was getting around £40 debited from my bank every month, which comes to around £480 a year on phone bills, which frankly is f**king ridiculous.

When I spoke to Orange, my service provider, they said it's take about a month to go through, which seems a bit of a long time considering I was already a customer, and I'm sure it has something to do with trying to get one more contract bill out of me. Anyway my new SIM card arrived today and all I had to do was ring customer services and activate it.
That is one less bill to pay if I don't want to, although I'll probably spend about £20 a month, which is still half the amount I was paying.

In other news, I rang up my Primary Care Trust [PCT] in order to find an NHS dentist, but there are none available at the moment and I've been added to the database waiting list. I'm going to ask how much it'll take to get a bit of work done 'private', as I also lost a filling last week and it's quite sensitive, but I'm guessing it'll be cheaper to wait for an NHS dentist and stick to popping the ibuprofen.

Anyway, night night all!!! :)

Monday, June 12, 2006

In the summer time when the weather is high, you can chase right up and touch the sky

A while back I made my list, which you can see on the right hand menubar, of the things I wanted to get done over summer.

I've managed to tick off a few things, and have been putting in (brackets) the amount of times I have done them since I made the list. I'm sure these figures will rise.

I've also started work on a good tan, which is developing nicely after only being out in the sun a few times (as always, I have been putting sunblock on).

I'm still not too sure when I'll get the archery done (a bit lazy on my part), but I still have 3 weeks holiday to use up before September, and so I will be taking a week off in July, and 2 weeks off in August. This will hopefully give me time to do the archery, go camping, and to also get cracking on the garden, which will involve laying a new patio, laying loads of turf, a bit of brickwork for some raised flowerbeds, and plenty of other stuff that needs more than a weekend to do.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Hot town, summer in the city

Summer is well and truly here. Yesterday I went to Dan's to watch England vs Paraguay and we also had a BBQ. It was nice to have a pretty chilled out Saturday Night and just muck around with the Lads.

Today we all went down to the beach [that's another one off the list] and spent the whole afternoon down there, and I can feel my back is a little red although I did put lots of suncream on. It may have been very hot whilst laying on the sand, but it was f**king freezing in the sea!! I was only in for a few seconds before my feet started to really ache because of the cold, and so I was only in for about 10 minutes.... still fun though. It's really weird but when I was a kid I couldn't lay still on the beach and had to be running around all the time, but now that I'm a bit older all I wanted to do was lay in the sun. Old age eh??

It's also the weekend so in honour of the band I will be looking after on Friday here is The Feeling -Sewn [ a v.weird vid].

Friday, June 09, 2006

I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it

The World Cup starts today!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

come fill my little world, right up, right up

So what's been going on since I last posted??? Well, the tooth seems to be a lot better after my spot of DIY, although I'm going to still have to try and find an NHS dentist [I'll have to go through the East Kent Coastal PCT who'll help me], but for the moment I feel good.

I've stopped peeling now too, which was thoroughly disgusting, and I've got to remember to put my sun-block on and wear a hat now that the sun seems to have come out.

I've been working more at the pub at the Manager is on holiday for a week. I've quite enjoyed it although yesterday was busy as we had loads of people enjoying the sun [how dare they!], drinking beer and eating food, and as it's good weather, they've been out in the beer garden too, which means double the area for them to make a mess in.

The World Cup kicks of tomorrow, and I am working at the pub in the evening, although I'm not too sure how many we'll get in for the Poland vs Ecuador match, but it should still be busy what with the weather etc. On the Saturday it is of course England vs Paraguay, and I;m happy to say I will not be at the pub for that one. Instead I'll be a Dan's for the footy and a BBQ, which will be a lot nicer, and a lot cheaper as I'll just buy some beers from the offy.

Next week is sure to be the death of me. I will be popping to Folkestone on Thursday night to see a band at Chambers, and then on Friday is my day of doom. It it the ultimate day of the academic calendar at Uni, and so it's our summer ball. As you know I work for the Students' Union, and so I have been allocated the role of 'Backstage Manager', which basically means ensuring the acts are sorted, the equipment is sorted, the schedule goes according to plan, and everyone is happy. The plus sides are that the line-up includes The Feeling, Lucie Silvas, Scott Mills, Trevor Nelson, MVP, and an array of other bands and DJs, in an evening that spans from 8pm till 6am [obviously my day will be longer with more stuff to organise]. Do you think it would be cheeky to get a few autographed albums from The Feeling?

On the Saturday I will be driving to Lewisham for Steve's World Cup themed Birthday [where I will have to dress up as a person from a World Cup country], and then on the Sunday I will have to be back at 10:30 am for my football club's AGM.

SO I'll be busy, but after that, all the students will be going home, and I'll be able to book some holiday as I've got 3 weeks to use before September.

Hurrah!! I guess that means I don't have to blog for a week now!!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth

I need to go to the dentist. I am a bad boy and haven't been for a few years which means I got deregistered and now have to find an NHS dentist. What's led to this is that around Xmas I lost a crown on one of my back teeth, and then broke a bit of the tooth off. Basically it's a dud tooth and nothing can really be done for it. It didn't hurt so I ignored it.

During this week it has become painful and the gum swelled up. It was hurting a lot today and upon inspection a bit of it was wobbly..... so I wiggled it...and then pulled it out with some pliers!! Obviously not the best thing to do, but I'll got to see an expert now to get rid of the rest of the tooth.

I've rang up a few local dentists but they're not accepting any NHS patients and going private is not even possible with my finances. I popped into a local clinic who do emergency treatments who give out appointments on a first come first serve basis and so I have to ring them up tomorrow and try and book something.

Great fun!

Ground Control to Major Tom is down, which is annoying as it supplies my links to other blogs. It'd better be back up in the morning!!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Tonight make it magnificent

I got in quite drunk on Saturday night and there was a jiffybag parcel waiting for me at home..... and guess what was in it?? A FREE T-SHIRT!!!!

You may remember that a while ago I blogged about Split The Atom, a site where users can submit T-shirt designs which get rated by other users, and then if selected will get made into limited edition t-shirts along with a prize of £250.

Last week they posted this on their blog, which offered free t-shirts to bloggers in Europe, with no strings attached, and so this is how I got my free t-shirt. Cheers guys!!

The idea of this is that under no obligation bloggers [like myself] will decide to do a write up and post lots of links to, and then you guys who read my site will follow the links and maybe post something on your site, or maybe actually buy something from Splittheatom.

It's a very good form of viral marketing and should prove very productive as more and more people are becoming less susceptable to traditional forms of marketing, such as TV, Radio, and Print, and instead are more willing to use the internet, especially when backed up by reviews and endorsement from friends.

Why not pop by, have a look around, and maybe vote on my designs.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

What happens when you lose some pressure?

ooops... I almost forget to post my weekend music video. I've put up videos from the wonderful Youtube [which I'm sure breach copyright....] for the past couple of weekends of songs that I've been listening to. So this weekends vid is Maximo Park - Apply Some Pressure [yes Maximo Park again....zzzzz... but I love 'em!]

Oh yeah I look around me and i can see, this place is full of people like me,

I am slightly hungover due to the past couple of nights drinking, but I actually feel quite good. I am relaxed, it's sunny outside, and I've got a fair bit of stuff to do today. I'm going to mow the lawn, tidy up around the house, pop out to B&Q for a mosey, and then I've got work at the pub at 5pm till 11pm.

On Friday I went to Canterbury to see X-Men: The Last Stand and then went out on the town with Jonny, Steve, Abi, and Matt.... and got very drunk on a cocktail of Stella, Vodka Redbull, Sourz, and Sambuca... urrghhh!

Yesterday I watched the England versus Jamaica at Tim's, started drinking at 2pm, went to Jonny and Steve's parents house for a BBQ [they were away at an Elton John gig], and then went to the pub. Got very drunk again.

So here we are today. I woke up around 9am and really wished I'd slept in more but I didn't really feel like it, and now I'm going to start my day.

Also I got a gift in the post yesterday.... more details to follow.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Another head hangs lowly

Well, I've just got in from the pub after 5-aside, and I must confess I've had a few Stella's. It's quite nice to go out on a week night as it's something I used to do quite a lot. The side effect is that I am now quite tired and not really up for blogging.

I've not been able to blog much at work 'cause I've been busy but I will get back into surfing and blogging. I promise.

It's now 11:40pm and I should be getting to bed soon so I'll leave you with a song I've been listening to [ just got Cranberries - Best Of album], I'm feeling very Oirish.

It might not be their best.....but I like it.