Tuesday, October 26, 2004

John Peel Rock In Peace

What a shock. John Peel died today whilst on holiday in Peru.I'm not usually one to get shocked by celebrity deaths (what a terrible reflection on peoples attitudes nowadays) but this one hit me.
I've got to say I wasn't an avid listener to his shows but I've got to give him great respect in that he did a lot for music in the UK. I can remember hearing some very 'different' music in his shows in an eclectic way that only he seemed to manage. He didn't have a 'Radio 1 playlist', something which has dragged the channel into mediocrity, with the listener not being able to distinguish one piece of pop drivel from another.
Not everything he played was to my taste but I did get to hear quite a few good tracks, usually white-labels, which I wouldn't have heard anywhere else. For this fact he deserves praise in that he went against the norm but didn't try to enforce his views on anyone. A good man indeed.

Read the BBC obituary here

Thursday, October 21, 2004

MPs' expense accounts laid bare

Fuck me!!! Check out this from the BBC site

"MPs claim an average of £118,000 each a year from the public purse to cover travel expenses, and to run their offices and second homes."

"They are paid a £57,000 salary and can claim twice as much again for expenses."

"Prime Minister Tony Blair ran up a total expenses bill of £80,836 over the same period, on top of his £178,922-a-year salary."

"The MP with the highest claim in the year to March 2004 was Falkirk MP Eric Joyce, who racked up expenses totalling £140,000."

MPs also get a pension of up to 1/40th of their final salary for each year they pay in - twice as much as many schemes.

I think I need to change my job. Anyway I hope you are all as shocked as I am. Check it out and see what your MP is claiming. Are they worth your vote? Bloody Liars.

An MP can retire on £28,742 a year after 20 years in the Commons. They also receive a pay-off of up to £57,485 if they are defeated at a general election.

check out the BBC article here

Download the pdf table of their allowances


Wow. I had a really vivid dream last night and it felt really real. I can't remember too much but the overriding thing was clocks, watches, and time. I shared this experience with the other people in the dream, and even though in the dream I thought I was dreaming I had woken up (in the dream) and spoken to the other people and they had had the same experience/dream in my dream in the dream....geddit? Well I'm sure there must be some kind of psychological reasoning behind this dream, something about fearing my own mortality or something like that, but anyway it was cool to have a dream to wake up and analyse. Oh there was also a dog there who experienced the dream in my dream...how to I know?....because he spoke to me!

I'm a fucking mentalist!!

Answers on a postcard please if you can answer my dream.

P.S. At the end I found a broken pocket watch in pieces. I picked it up and put it together. Hmmm I'm off to sleep to have a chat to Sigmund about that....and the dog!?

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Can we just talk?

I've only just noticed but I'm getting mentally lazy. Have you seen how many pictures I've got on my blog? there's shitloads. Now if you have a quick peek at my profile, before I started this new entry I'd written 5,062 words....not that bad....but that was in 67 posts.....equalling an average of just over 75 words per post! I could get more insightful reading matter from the ingredients on the back of a Mars bar.
Also, another moan, when did ademblog get so fucking boring? It seems to just be "I did this, I did that" blah blah blah etc etc. I think (?) I had a few good posts in the early days but now it just seems to be my 'bragging bitch'. I need to start actually thinking about what I'm writing and maybe actually put some stuff on that people may actually want to read. It's all about opinions, thoughts, and having a transfer of ideas. That's what I've had to relearn from looking at other peoples blogs. We bloggers are exhibitionists and voyeurs, not in the sexual tabloid sense but we like to share what's going on in our minds and also compare ourselves with what other people actually think, and the blog is a refreshingly true place where people don't seem to mind that what they write about is ofter quite personal, they actually get somekind of therepy, not from talking to a psychiatrist but instead to their keyboard and monitor.
I can honestly say that it's doing me some good just typing away, not worrying and just letting my fingers do the talking.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Youngs Brewery Trip

The phrase of organising a piss-up in a brewery is commonly used in everyday life but who of us have actually done just that? Well I can stand-up, raise my hand and be counted.
Actually this is the second brewery trip I've been on, but my first to the Youngs Brewery in Wandsworth, the last one being to Shepherd Neame.
We left at 9:30 in the morn, and got back to Ramsgate about the 11 hours later, and slightly more pissed, so we proved that it was easy to get pissed in a brewery...very easy. The wonders of beer.....I was very happy.

Monday, October 04, 2004

Back to Skool

Well after the events of last week you'd think I'd be taking a rest but no, along comes the Freshers' Ball in Canterbury with a 'Back to Skool' theme. I wasn't sure about going but then I thought of 500 odd lasses in school uniform and it swung it for me. Ben, Gay Tom, and petit Tom, came along too, but only for the experience, I'm sure they didn't think twice about the school girlies with there little skirts..... and pigtails......and.....sorry I got lost in a moment there.
The Headliners were Phats and Small, and Mousse T, all I can say is 'wow'.