Thursday, December 28, 2006

I've paid my dues

I've just paid for another 6 months road tax which came to £60.50, then later on this afternoon I'm taking my car to the garage to get new brake pads, then afte going through my documents I realised that my MOT is up in mid-January, which will mean me getting those 3 new tyres I talked about before, and then I've also got to sort out my wing mirror!

I've managed to get registered at a new NHS dentist and have just booked a preliminary appointment to check over the ol' gnashers, so that'll be a bit more cash too, but at least it'll be cheaper than going private.

Woo Hoo!!!


Cheezy said...

I've been toying with the idea of getting some wheels lately but then it occurred to me that I enjoy having some disposable income too much. I can't afford London rent and a car! :-(

adem said...

I think in London there's a lot less need to drive (unless going out of London). If I didn' have a car already then I wouldn't get one (probably).

In the future it's only gonna get more expensive to drive.