Thursday, May 20, 2004


Don't you hate it when you have nothing interesting to say???? I seem to be quite unmotivated lately and as such my conversational technique is to be found lacking. Why did I feel the need to tell you of my lust for Championship Manager?????
The reason is that for the past few days my life has been : wakeup; go to work; go home; play on the PC; go to bed. With a few other things stuck in there somewhere.

I'll try and leave posting new massages until I have something interesting to say.......p.s I found how to put pics in posting......It's amazing what clicking on help can do.

Championship Manager

I am a championship's official.......I rule!!!!! I've been playing CM for a decade......need i say's brilliant.

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Weekend Update

Well I went gliding but it was pretty tame, although I got some good views from the glider. I also gort drunk a lot at the weekend. My weekend follows these home.....glide...... casino.......sleep......drink..... drink......drink.....bbq ......drink.......sleep......

And that's back to work........(what a boring update but I've got to keep up to date with the blog.)

Saturday, May 15, 2004

Drink the bar dry

What a night! Just finished work. it's 12:45 in the am. I knew tonight was gonna be a bad one. We had 'drink the bar dry' at the SU bar and I've been struggling for staff all week but in the end I was saved by some 1st year staff. It's been fuck-off busy and we took loads of money. It has been a long night and I only ended up with one trip to A&E (I'll have fun with the accident reports later). The bar's in a bit of a state but staff can make that all better tomorrow. I've got to get up early to travel back to kent to do my gliding and also see my grandma for her birthday. Tomorrow will be a good day.......I need it.

Hangover Kicks In.

Do you ever wake up after a night out feeling brilliant with the whole day ahead to make of what you will?

I did.

What a mistake!

What an unproductive day I've had. My hangover kicked in at about 3pm, the best thing I did was buy some power-steering fluid, and now I'm at work for a long night!!!!!!
Roll on the weekend.

Friday, May 14, 2004

The Next Day

I succeeded in my 'piss-up challenge' - dranks some lager, some bitter, some vodka, some redbull, some smirnoff ice, some red square, and mixed it all up inside by dancing like an idiot all night......brilliant.......sadly I didn't make too much of a dick of myself.....and I didn't even offend anyone in a drunken manner......what's it all come to? Still I had a good night although I didn't get home till gome 3am and was up at 8am to watch some very bad TV ('Warlock - The Armageddon' anyone?) and try and find my mobile which had decided to play a game of hide and seek during my sleep.

Piss-Up Challenge

My night-off from work is tonight which coincides with my mate Martin's Birthday. I'm gonna see how much I can drink and as it's the last week of university I don't care how much of a prick I make of myself or who I offend. Update to follow...........

Thursday, May 13, 2004

It Works!!!

Hooray!! The amp works!!! I fucking love free stuff!!!!!!!!!!! I don't really need a second amp but I NEED IT, it was free!!!! (It's a Pioneer SA-930, a bit of an 80's nostalgia, if anyone is interested.)

Adem in Skip pilferring scandal!!

"A Free amp a day helps you work, rest and play!"
Isn't it great when you get something for nothing. I had just parked my car at work and was walking past a skip when I saw an amplifier (a hifi separate one) it was a bit battered but I thought I'd take it. I've just plugged it in and the lights came on but I'll have to wait till I'm home to see if any sound will come out of it. I LOVE FREE STUFF!!!!!

Adem to join 1000 feet club

On Saturday I'll be taken up to 1000 feet in a glider and will be let loose on a "truly breathtaking flight". I got this chance as a gift from my sister who will also be going. It should be a good time and will accompany my other past experiences of skydiving and bungee jumping. Click here for more details

Wednesday, May 12, 2004


I thought I'd play around with all the other stuff to do with blogger so I've added a picture. I couldn't think of what to put on so I added a picture of Corona, one of my favourite summer lagers to drink, and something I'd been drinking only yesterday so it was still fresh in my mind. delicious.

Site Counter Added

Well there you go, not that hard to do, but at present the counter is at a paltry '1' visitor....and that was ME!!!!!
Let's see how long till we get to double figures............................

Just added Links

As the title says 'Just added links'. I'm now gonna play with the html to add a site counter etc. I hope I don't break it.

DJ Remixes

I quite like remixes of songs as It can get quite boring hearing radio edits and makes a pleasant change to hear the ways songs can be changed. I've found a site for aspiring DJs to host their music (quite a few remixes) so click here.It is quite a cool site to take stuff from and spin a few new tunes.

Dino Dave's Blog

Visit Dave's Blog at and find out what happens in his world

New Blog

Still nothing new in the world of Adem but here is a crap entry for today.....totally useless.......

Monday, May 10, 2004

Just Started Blogging

My friend Dave told me about blogging so I thought 'Fuck it' and am gonna give it a go. We'll have to see how long it lasts. Hmm now to find stuff to put on it. - adem