Friday, December 22, 2006

Jack Frost nipping at your nose

I've been a little bored this week as I've been off work but haven't applied myself to anything of note. I've watched TV, played computer games, got my Christmas shopping done, had a bit of a tidy-up, but that's about it really. Everyone else has been at work and so I've only had myself as company, which as you'd expect is pretty boring.*

I did manage to go out last night though which was nice and had quite a few pints of Bombardier and Adnams and I had a lovely kip last night. I am refreshed today and tonight I've got my football club Christmas dinner to go to, so I'll be suited and booted and no doubt will have a few more bevvies.

I'm pretty sure I've got some interesting blog posts inside my head but I'll save them for a bit later, so no interesting posts yet.

*You would be bored too if you had to spend a lot of time with me!


Aravis said...

Have an excellent time tonight.

Although given the time difference, you probably already are! *G*

adem said...

It wasn't too bad although definitely not as wild as last year.

I am home and just uploading photos...boring eh?

Anonymous said...

It was bollocking cold last night, hopefully that didn't impinge on your evening too much.

Aravis said...

I like messing about with my photos at home, so that makes me boring too.

I'm ok with that, though. *G*