Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Everybody's changing

Move on, move on, there's nothing to see here!

Why not go here instead:

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Get used to one style and you know I might switch

Whilst I've been sat indoors with my leg up I've been working on a new blog, and will hopefully be able to migrate over pretty soon. I'm going to switch from Blogger over to Wordpress hosted on my own webspace.

I like Wordpress and have several other sites running on it so I know what it can do, and so it shouldn't be too hard to change over, although I'll see how it copes with almost 3 years worth of archives.

What I'm trying to do though is get the site completely sorted, make the template look pretty before I switch over so that you can all bask in the glory of it!

More news to come.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

And I been in the hospital

I've had quite a few different injuries in my time but I can usually diagnose them myself as nothing more than strains, sprains, and pulls, but after my knee injury I thought it was best to go to hospital to get it checked out as it had swollen up a great amount and I could hardly walk.

My kind sister drove me to Accident & Emergency yesterday at midday, and after 2 hours of waiting I was called in. They examined it and said that they'd give me a x-ray to check there wasn't a fracture and see how much fluid there was on the joint. Apart from the long wait, I thought they were very nice in there, although I was slightly disappointed by the nurses' uniforms! The doctor treating me looked at the x-rays and told me there was no fracture (which I didn't think there was) and also said that luckily there wasn't a huge amount of fluid and so it wouldn't need to be drained (phew). She told me that what I needed to do was rest it completely and she gave me a strap to put on it to compress it and limit movement. I was also told that if I did try and do anything on it then I'd probably rupture my ligaments (a very bad thing), but as I can't really move without the aid of a crutch then that's highly unlikely.

With only 3 games left of the Sunday League season, I'll miss out on that too, and don't really know how long I'll be out for. I can't drive for the moment either, but am hoping that the swelling goes down soon then maybe I'll be able to operate the clutch. I'm off work until Thursday on holiday, but will just spend that time resting the knee and not really getting up to much, which is a tad annoying as I had a lot more planned for Easter (I've already missed out on the Beer Festival.)

That's the update for now...... Happy Easter everyone!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Debbi was the girl who used to do it like a bunny

It's now 5:30am...... Groove Armada have a new single out, and it's exactly the type of thing to get me going at the IOW Festival.

In another post I said this:
I like Groove Armada (a poorman's Bassment Jaxx?)
And was soon put right in the comments. On the strength of this release I'm more than happy to be seeing them. I like it and a funny video too.

Dance like a robot when you're chained at the knee

It's just gone 4am and I'm here sitting on my sofa, watching BBC News 24, and catching up with emails, etc that I missed yesterday when I was at the Rugby Sevens.

Why am I up at this time? Well obviously I can't sleep, but the reason is that I've f**ked my knee up, to put it politely. Rugby was fun even though we lost both our games, but it was a lovely day, lots of people were there, and everyone was merry, but I seemed to be intent on injuring myself.

In the first game I scored a try, but landed awkwardly on the had surface, hurting my knee. I subbed myself off (no innuendos please) and gave myself 5 minutes before coming back on (always a wise move to try and play on), I then got tackled by two players and as Iwas releasing the ball, Ian followed by someone landed on my head, compacting my neck. Off I go again for the rest of the game!

We had over an hour until our next game, and I decided that I'd take part but only for the 2nd half (these are 7 minute halfs in Sevens). I came on and was doing alright, deciding to fight through any pain because Sevens is only once a year, and then with 1 minute left I went o a run, skipped through one tackle, and then got dumped by a high tackle 5 metres from the try-line and landed on my knee again, and we didn't even get a penalty-try for the foul!

I came off glad that the games were over, and whilst I was still walking around I only had a slight hobble and so I was mostly fine for the rest of the afternoon. We all then went out in Broadstairs for the evening, and as the night got on, my knee got worse, especially when I wasn't moving and just standing still or sitting, so that when it came to go home I was not very mobile, and by the time I was actually at home my knee was killing, and I discovered that it had swollen up loads. I was in bed by 11:30, with my a pillow under my knee and some ice on it, and so I spent the next 4 hours drifting in and out of sleep, but unable to move to get comfortable.

Can you tell which one is swollen?!

I couldn't walk when I got up as the knee had completely seized up, and so made a makeshift crutch with the bar from my weights!! And here we are! I'm thinking of going to A+E tomorrow to try and get hold of some crutches so I can walk and get the weight off my knee.

At least I got to play rugby after recovering from the cold and dodgy neck!! (neck isn't too bad by the way.)

10am Update: I got to sleep at 8am and got 1.5 hours sleep which I needed. When I woke up flickr had finished uploading my photos which you can see here.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

It was acceptable in the 80s

I know this has been out for quite a while but I still love it and can often be caught singing along to it. Enjoy.

I know I get a few 'foreigners' to the blog, and I sometimes wonder if they've heard songs I put up here. I guess what I'm talking about is that nowadays, globalisation, digital age, et al, means that we are getting smaller and a lot of things are international in their appeal, music being the main one. Get what I mean?

She’s on fire

I've taken these few days off before Easter as holiday from work, as it was pretty quiet and I wasn't needed so hey ho, a free day!!

I cycled down to Ramsgate town in order to get a few bits and bobs from the £1 Charity Shop and was greeted with a cordoned off street. Weird, I though and presumed that maybe there was some kind of affair going on, but then I noticed all the police (around 6 officers) patrolling the taped-off area, then an ambulance, and then also 2 fire-engines!

Blimey! Somethings gone down in Ramsgate, and it's name was Fire! Apparently one of the restaurants in Harbour Street was on fire (next to the Bakery), and so most of Harbour Street and Queen Street were out of bounds apart from a small area on Queen Street.

Smoke was billowing from the top of the building, and the fire-engine's ladder was a full-extension enabling the firemen to try and control the fire, but from where I was, there was a lot of smoke and it could be a lot more trouble controlling the fire, especially as all the buildings are terraced.

I wish I'd had my camera with me, but alas I am no Peter Parker.

That's all from this Ramsgate Reporter today.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Bring to me my big old sweater, Nothing more will make me better

As you know, I've been a wee bit poorly, but nothing too harsh, it's just annoying. I'm almost over the cold and should be completely fine over the next few days. As colds go it wasn't too bad, just sneezing, runny nose, and a bit of a high temperature, but I didn't feel that ill. The neck ache is a different matter and is still there, as it has been since Wednesday, but is getting a little better every day. The pain has now moved from my actual neck muscles to the muscles at the base of my neck and back, and all I'm hoping is that it's all fine by Friday which is when I play Rugby.

I was hoping to be in tip-top shape for Rugby as I'd been dieting and getting more exercise, but this week has wiped me out and I haven't been to the gym or football and so I'm hoping to get a few more sessions in over the week but this will all depend on the neck but I'm sure I'll be fine.

You will be happy to hear though that after last week's shennanigans, I haven't touched alcohol and haven't even been out, instead staying indoors and getting my rest.

compost bucket

In other news I finally got my composter at a very cheap price. As well as metals, plastics, paper, and glass, I can now be doing my bit and more of my 'rubbish' will be recycled. It'll take 6-9 months for it to all break down but then....lovely compost will be mine!