Sunday, September 26, 2004

Avast ye land lubbers

I've just got back from my mate Jimmys Stag Weekend in Rugby......I can't say anymore as 'What goes on Stag stays on Stag".....nuff said...just a few tasters below.

Saturday, September 18, 2004


So the fickle hand of me swipes some up-and-coming band from 'the big blog' playlist. The Thrills have dropped out and have been replaced by the Magnolia soundtrack from Aimee Mann. It's a brilliant film from 1999 and these songs are fantastic with some great lyrics. If you haven't seen the film then WATCH IT!

"Things fall down. People look up. And when it rains, it pours."

Monday, September 13, 2004

the playlist

Take a look at the right-hand column just after archives and you can check out what I have been mostly listening to this week (a la fastshow), at the moment it's the Thrills, Prodigy, and also Roni Size. If you click on the pics it'll take you to the relevant page on where you can buy these albums if you haven't already got them. Please do not feel the need to buy them just so you can be popular like me and hang out with the cool kids. just be yourself and don't do drugs, it's the law!

Saturday, September 11, 2004

Only two things in life are certain......

Here's a quick link to remind you that as you're sat at your PC reading this, your life has just become a little shorter. Check out 'The Death Clock!'

I've got a new job!!!!

Yep it's true, I've got two jobs now. If you didn't know I started working at my local pub 3 weeks ago, a nice place, and when I'm working there it means I'm not spending money there. It's a win-win situation.
Now back to the good news. Jonny spotted an advert in the gazette and thought it might tickle my fancy, Students' Union Campus Co-ordinator (Thanet). I emailed my application on the Thursday, got a phonecall on the Monday saying I'd got an interview, I went for an interview on the Friday and then they rang me back later in the afternoon saying the Job was mine!!!! Happy days.
I start on Monday and we'll see how it all goes from there. It'll be nice to get back into the Students' Union environment and if you wanna know what the job actually entails then read below.

SU Campus Co-ordinator

This newly created post is intended to develop and co-ordinate the activities of the Students’ Union at the Thanet Campus, in accordance with the decisions and leadership of the Campus Committee. The Campus Co-ordinator will work closely with Union staff based in Canterbury, and will be line-managed by the General Manager. The post holder will also work alongside CCCUC staff to expand the possibilities for student involvement in areas such as sports, societies and entertainment. The post holder will provide advice and support to the elected Campus Committee, as well as general administrative and clerical support. The post will be based at the Thanet campus although it is envisaged that some time will be spent at the Canterbury Campus.

Friday night and the lights are low.........

Well actually it's Saturday morning, but I was out last night and it was dark. Me and the guys went out in Canterbury last night as it was Jon from footballs kind-of last going out night in Kent as he's moving to Dorset next week. The night started in 'spoons and ended up in a club that used to be Churchills. Memories of drinking jugs of Vodka Redbull Come back to me and also a £40 cab fare back home!

It was fun.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Crap Towns

The web is full of rubbish. It's a fact. But every so often whilst trawling through the eternal tide of crap you find something very special. It's still crap but the name of this site is 'Crap Towns'.
Basically these two guys are trying to make a map of how crap the UK is. They do this with the help of emails sent in by people who think their towns are crap. The refreshing things about the postings are the pure hatred for their abodes, and the acid tongues they use, although most of the observations are true. Read on...

Town/Village: Bognor Regis submitted by Peter McCrum

Even the name is vaguely onomatopoeic and sounds somehow indecent. And indeed it is. What is it about these Victorian seaside towns that is so utterly vulgar and depressing? Is it the fact that they all look exactly the same, with their long-faded grandeur, endless fish and chip shops and gaudy amusement arcades desperate to tempt suckers inside with 'Niagara Falls' of 2p pieces, dementia inducing electronic cacophony and epileptic neon?

I suppose Bognor is just representative of all these generic seaside towns that drape themselves along our coastline, like over made-up knackered old tarts soliciting for trade. In the summer the place stinks of chip fat. In winter it's almost deserted and smells of death.

This is part of Britain's 'Skeleton Coast'. People from all over the British Isles retreat south in their twilight years towards the sea, in some bizarre reversal of evolution, to die. After Ford XRI's, the most common car seen about town is the hearse. Droops of grannies can be seen stopping to watch them pass, and with knowing nods they point and speculate who might be inside. The dual role of this town as both a holiday 'resort' and gods' waiting room always struck me as somehow inappropriate.

Kids in cheap sportswear perch like feral pigeons on the railings lining the prom, with their backs to the sea, spitting oysters of phlegm in front of the feet of passing pedestrians. Beneath greasy peaks of baseball caps, they suck on badly rolled joints and try to contort their acne-ravaged features into their interpretation of the hard bastard's thousand-yard stare. Their idea of high comedy is to take the piss out of passing groups of mentally handicapped children down from Croydon on a day trip.

Don't even bother looking for something to eat in Bognor that hasn't been battered and deep-fried. Don't go into the pubs - they're all shit, without exception. But most of all, don't go to the pier. Just don't. You will discover new levels of disappointment, higher levels of kitsch and more Neanderthal kids than you could poke an electric cattle prod at, (with the voltage turned all the way up to 'eleven'). Instead, turn your back to the sea and head north, to the South Downs and places like Arundel and Amberley, where you can get a proper pint and decent pub food beneath ancient castles and away from the festering putrid rot that is Bognor Regis.
It's so true. find your town here

Monday, September 06, 2004

I'm a mermaid!!

As soon as the soles of my feet touch sand I regress to my chidhood self and out comes the bucket and spade...let the digging commence.
For this artistic number I dug a hole, buried myself, and got Steve and Abby to mould this lovely figure for me.

What a Whopper

We've just had a great weekend. It was sunny for a change, and Ben and I took the opportunity to go fishing off Deal Pier on Friday. We caught quite a few fish but they were all wee nippers, although a few people caught some mackeral that were probably a few lbs each.

You should've seen the one that got was a bit like the one below

Be a Yank.

I was in Selsey, Hampshire, with my Mum and Sister, when we spotted this great invention at the amusements near the pier. Apparently it makes you obese, ignorant of the rest of world, and make you whoop and cheer at every possible moment....I gave it a miss.

The Wedding

My friend Mark got married, and here he is setting of the fireworks at his reception.

It was a good night but we got a little silly and I may have put a cigar out on my hand!!!....ouch!!!...I'm well hard though. As I've always said "It's better to regret something you have done, than something you haven't done." I hold this true to many things except putting a cigar out on your's a little silly and there only seems to be one outcome...pain.

Preston Hellings Tour '04

I play football for a little village called Preston, near Canterbury. We spent a weekend in Dorset/Somerset and got pissed and played footy.
Here's the pictures......
We've stolen the local Scout's Minibus

Camping it up

The Gillingam Fish Bar, Dorset, not to be confused with the Gillingham Fish Bar, Kent

Largin' it up big-stylee, just the place to throw some shapes, although it's not the ideal preparation when you've got to play a game of footy at 11am the next morning.

Jonny?....what are you doing?

Ian almost gets to go home

Matt and Phils love was something to be treasured

Ian falls over

The facts of life.

Here's an amusing photo taken at Joss bay, where a father is showing his young son what a ladies bits look like with the aid of a sand-vagina......don't fall in!

New Photos and new entries

I downloaded my photos from my mobile and so I'm gonna set about writing up about the photos and what's happened in the last month.
I hate it when websites are outdated and never updated, and I myself have been guilty of this very thing. I'll try not to let it happen again but I make no promises.
Carry on reading above for some new stuff.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

It's been awhile.

If anyone is actually reading this, then sorry for the delay in blogs. I could give you some lamo excuse as to why....and I have got some......"my dog ate my computer"....anyone falling for it. thought not.

What have I been upto? I've been on a football tour. Got a new part-time jobby. Went on a little holiday. hmmmmm. Got drunk a few times. and did some other things.

So not a very interesting entry at this time but at least it's something.

If I've got time I'll write something very witty later on tonight.

see ya