Tuesday, November 07, 2006

You gotta roll with it

yumm. In a post more likely to come from Stef, I'm going to talk about my lunch. I've discovered that the newsagent across the road from work stocks some excellent baguettes and at a very good price.
Normally I'll pop over to the Uni canteen and see what they've got in their choice of baguettes but they are made from cheap bread and the fillings are not really what I fancy (Emmental and Bacon anyone?) and I end up disappointed. I'm sure some people may like them but they are not for me, and I usually don't have the hot food because I prefer a main meal in the evening.
The shop over the road does these baguettes that are made from french sticks, have some lovely fillings, and are cheaper than from the Uni.
Yesterday I had Chicken, Mayonnaise, Celery, and raisons, and today I've had Chicken, Bacon, Cranberry sauce, and Mayonnaise.

Ok, they may not be the healthiest but they are yummy.


jonny said...

Just make yourself sandwiches the night before, like my mum does for me. You are so lazy!

djemil said...

I get more than sandwiches from your mum!

Stef said...

Uni canteen in disappointing shocker.