Sunday, November 05, 2006

I feel it in my fingers

hmmm.. so I'm not exactly setting NaNoWriMo alight at the moment but I've gone past 3000 words now, which is still 5000 behind schedule. I guess I'm hoping that I'll have a burst of inspiration and stamina and turn into a writing machine.

Reading through the aims of NaNoWriMo the main aim of course is to reach 50,000 words with the actual quality being second to the word count. So I can see a lot of bollocks being written in the near future as I aim to pump up the words that my miniscule mind can come up with.

This will definitely be no masterpiece but I'm sure I've read a lot worse before.

Good luck to all those others taking part.


adem said...

doh... everyday I fall a little further behind!

Aravis said...

I finished a couple of years ago and I didn't stick to their projected schedule. Some days I wrote thousands of words and on others I wrote none. Don't psych yourself out, or allow others to do so. You'll be great!