Wednesday, September 06, 2006

You know you can win, Don't give up the chase

I can't believe that England only beat Macedonia 1-0. In fact they were so bad in the first 45 minutes that at half-time I put a few bets on to spice things up. I had £2.67 in my online Ladbrokes account and so put a few bets on. I had a couple of winners with my 3/1 prediction of 11 or more corners in the England game netting me £2 from a 50p bet and I also bet that N.Ireland would beat Spain at 10/1 netting me £5.50 from a 50p bet. So basically I tripled my money.

Rubbish game though and England could've lost it near the end. But big congrats to N.Ireland and Dave Healy for his hat-trick.

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Stef said...

It's England, what did you expect. Those last two wins against Internationas Sunday League teams were probably fixed anyway to give Stevo a good start.