Saturday, September 23, 2006

Eight days a week

Woo Hoo I have a day off!!

Only worked around 85 hours this week.

I don't feel too bad for it though, and am spending today just relaxing and chilling out. I could've gone out last night after sorting out a few things with work, but I was tired and prefered to sleep.

I haven't really been able to check out other people's blogs this week, but they are lined up in my rss feedreader and I will work my way through them soon.


Stef said...

Congrats on surviving dude. You gonna be posting any Special Stuff any time soon? ;-)

Once you've rested like!

Cuppojoe said...

With so many hours under your belt in just one week, you've now officially going to become the next person I try to hit up for a loan...

Lucky you! Hehe.

Aravis said...

Get some rest, it sounds like you need it! :0)

adem said...

Cheers guys.
Stef - I will be posting some Spercial Stuff but I haven't been able to surf for a while and discover new things for a while.

Cuppojoe - Sadly I'm salaried and don't get overtime!! I'm meant to get 'time in lieu' but I probably won't get all that time back, althoug hwill tray and get a few afternoons off once it's quietens down.

Aravis - I am tired but in a good way. I know that all the work Iput in now should make life easier in the long run.

Anyway back to enjoying a bit more of sunday before work this evening.