Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Caught by the fuzz

I nipped out this evening to watch Hot Fuzz as it's only on at the local cinema until tomorrow night. When I got there I realised that the cinema was full of teenage Italian students, all who didn't seem to have control of their volumes! Arrgghh!! It's not what I want from the cinema and had a horrible feeling that they would be nattering throughtout the whole film but luckily their tutor gave a speech at the beginning and they were quiet most of the time.

I enjoyed the film greatly.


Pynchon said...

Bit too long, but yes, it is great. I thought that it was better than "Shaun Of The Dead".

tony flaig bignews said...

Hopefully at some point a modern cinema will be built @ Westwood; which might unlike most current establishments have a working heating system.

No wonder people wait for the DVD release. There is nothing better than watching a film on the big screen except, as you point out when amateur narration is given.

Aidan L said...

I have heard so many good reviews about Hot Fuzz. I haven't seen it myself mind, I am not much of a cinema person if I am honest.

I am glad to see that you enjoyed it and that those students kept hush during it ;-) .