Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Work It Harder, Make It Better, Do It Faster, Makes Us stronger

Tip of the Day:
If you have broadband then regularly log-in to your account and check what package you are on. When I first got broadband at home in 2004 I signed up with Tiscali and was paying £17.99 for 512K unlimited, which was cool. The service was good and the price was competitive, but a while later I checked my account and found out I could 'upgrade' to 1MB but still pay exactly the same price, which yet again was cool, but why didn't they tell me??

I still don't really find the need to log-on to my Tiscali account as I pay by direct debit, and the money comes out of my bank at the same time every month, but I have popped in every so often, and have so far 'upgraded' my 1MB to only £15.99 a month, and then 'upgraded' to 2MB for £17.99, and then 10 minutes ago I 'upgraded' my 2MB from £17.99 a month, to £15.99 a month.

It may not amount to a great deal, with a few quid saved every month and some extra bandwidth, but I can guarantee that there are some people paying Tiscali more than I do, but will be getting less of a service.

Well, that's another boring, money saving post over.

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Stef said...

Telewest were good enough to upgrade my account and tell me about it. I still pay the same but have 4MB rather than 500k.

Except it used to be more reliable back in the day. Grrr...