Monday, June 19, 2006

Make hay not war

My hayfever has been the worst today, and I hate it. I've got the whole runny nose, watery eye thing down to a tee.

Also I've just remembered that last night I had a dream that I had been arrested on terror charges. I can't remember a huge amount of the dream but can remember thinking that it was first a big joke, but then it slowly dawned on me that they weren't joking. They wouldn't give me any explanation and were going to hold me indefinitely. I felt helpless. This was only a dream, so imagine if it was for real??


Stef said...

That's the problem with our current legal system, all they need is a half baked idea and they can fuck you over good and proper.

And I thought my grandfathers fought for the freedom of Britain... *shakes head*

Aravis said...

For so many, it is. I hate that. Sorry you had to dream it, though at least it was nothing more. :0(

Pynchon said...

Ever read Kafka's "The Trial" or seen the film version by Orson Welles? Very interesting and very relevant.