Thursday, June 01, 2006

Another head hangs lowly

Well, I've just got in from the pub after 5-aside, and I must confess I've had a few Stella's. It's quite nice to go out on a week night as it's something I used to do quite a lot. The side effect is that I am now quite tired and not really up for blogging.

I've not been able to blog much at work 'cause I've been busy but I will get back into surfing and blogging. I promise.

It's now 11:40pm and I should be getting to bed soon so I'll leave you with a song I've been listening to [ just got Cranberries - Best Of album], I'm feeling very Oirish.

It might not be their best.....but I like it.


adem said...

Following on from the last post I've got to add that this is the 2nd day on the trot that I've done footy

Cuppojoe said...

I've always loved that song, but it's been ages since I've heard it! Thanks!

That voice is just awesome...

Anonymous said...

Dude, new blog address: