Sunday, June 11, 2006

Hot town, summer in the city

Summer is well and truly here. Yesterday I went to Dan's to watch England vs Paraguay and we also had a BBQ. It was nice to have a pretty chilled out Saturday Night and just muck around with the Lads.

Today we all went down to the beach [that's another one off the list] and spent the whole afternoon down there, and I can feel my back is a little red although I did put lots of suncream on. It may have been very hot whilst laying on the sand, but it was f**king freezing in the sea!! I was only in for a few seconds before my feet started to really ache because of the cold, and so I was only in for about 10 minutes.... still fun though. It's really weird but when I was a kid I couldn't lay still on the beach and had to be running around all the time, but now that I'm a bit older all I wanted to do was lay in the sun. Old age eh??

It's also the weekend so in honour of the band I will be looking after on Friday here is The Feeling -Sewn [ a v.weird vid].

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Aravis said...

Gorgeous beach! It's still far too cold here for that sort of thing yet, even without going in the water. Glad you had the experience, finally! :0)