Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Talk of the way they saw him last, Local boy in the photograph

I really enjoy taking photos and I have been using Flickr to upload photos that I want to share on my blog. I have been using the free account but this does come with several limitations, mainly an upload limit of 20MB a month and limits on creating photosets. To counterset the upload limit I have been reducing the size and quality of the photos before I upload them, and so I get more for my 20MB.

Because of this I have just signed up for the Flickr Pro account which costs $24.95 (£14.45) per year which isn't really that much and it will mean I can back-up all my photos at high quality.

I've now got to go through the task of uploading ALL my photos......

After seeing the streaming fencing video over at the Ultimate Olympian's I signed up to YouTube.com but hadn't really used it.

Whilst scouring my desktop and giving it a bit of a clean up I have used Youtube.com to upload a few videos. Check 'em out.

[me breakdancing at Andy Q's stag weekend in Bournemouth June '05]

[Electric Six performing at Christ Church Summer Ball June '05]

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adem said...

I've uploaded over 500 photos so far....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz