Friday, January 20, 2006

Could you take my picture? 'Cuz I won't remember

You may remember it was my birthday at the beginning of December and I did say that I would post some pictures but never got around to it. Well here are a few choice photos that maybe give you an idea of how the day went.

[Dover ferry terminal]

[Chris + other ferry sneaking into the photo]

[me relaxing]

[Yes that is 9:55am, and the first pints are in]

[a few more later]

[Ant, Jonny, Chris, Petit Tom, Ian, Big Tom, and Ben]

[and me outside the world famous cinq cinq cinq club]

[more beers]

[We are all great skaters by the way, although alcohol doesn't help with the balancing]

[Baileys, Stella, and Toblerone.....must be Duty Free]

[Fun on the train]

[I was quite drunk and reverted to taking 'arty' photos.]

So that was part of my birthday........same time next year?? Well yes.


Alecya Giovanni said...

Wow. Looks like fun. I need to get pics of my birthday up. It was rather eventful...yep. But I strayed from the whole "beer" concept and went for "whskey" bad bad idea....

Your mates look friendly...

Anonymous said...

You're such a tit. But you're great. Glad you had a good one.