Thursday, September 15, 2005

I'm a joker, I'm a smoker.....

I've just got home from the pub quiz, which my team won!!!!!
It was made even better because we saved our 'Joker' till the last round...brilliant.

The prize was a bit crap though, 25% of a meal at the pub, but I shouldn't complain as I also won a prize in the out-of-date e#bottle of ale and a freeebie Grolsch T-Shirt!

Still it was all in the name of charity and around £160 was raised.

Off to bed now. zzzzzzzz


Phil said...

Well done mate! I haven't done a quiz since the old Su bar was still running. What I like to call the Noush-Adem era. Which was the best year. And the only one I stuck around for.

Make that visit sooner rather than later, I could do with a friendly face.

Adem is a twat said...

Adem's team are cheating C's! They started off with 3 players then rang for help from jonnys dad who then came up and won it for them. That 25% off of food should have been mine! Wankers, Give me my prize Wankers.

adem said...

Someone's bitter eh Ian?
You can have the voucher if it means that much to you!
Oh, and you smell!