Tuesday, July 26, 2005

You spin me right round, baby, right round like a record

My mixer arrived today in cracking condition and I've tried it out and it all works. It's a KAM BPM Junior and cost me £21 (+£10 postage) and seems to be a good mixer to start my DJing with. I also got the decks out of the loft but I can't find the styli, cartridges and headshells I had so I've had to order some more off the internet along with a couple of RCA phono leads.

I've also went on the hunt for my vinyl collection and I've got a few classics in there which remind me of the mid/late nineties (Industry Standard - Industry Standard Vol. 1 (What You Want) / Double 99 - Ripgroove). A bit chavvy now but I still like them.

Hopefully the bits and bobs will arrive by the end of the week so I can give the vinyl DJing a go at the weekend. I'm sure I'll be terrible at first but it'll fun to have a go.


Jonny said...

Wo-wo-wo. 'a bit chavvy'? They are classics of the pre-chav generation. In the Mix 97 is still my favourite album

Lord Bargain said...

and a bit of the Tamperer wouldn't go amiss either, clearly.

have you got a cool DJ name yet?

adem said...

You'll never guess but I've got The Tamperer 'Feel It' featuring maya on vinyl! It includes the original version, the Sharp Master Blaster Remix, and the Dirty Rotton Scoundrels Voyeurism Remix. I didn't think Michael Caine and Steve Martin were DJs!

As for a cool DJ name......I wonder?