Friday, April 07, 2006

Where are you going, with your fetlocks flowing in the ... wind?

Here are my outside bets for the Grand National. They are all quite long odds, and none of the clear favourites have been picked, but I've only put £1 [each way]on the ponies [£8 total], and so if any come in then I'll be happy. These are my horses:

It Takes Time @ 33/1
Garvivonnian @ 20/1
Jack High @ 14/1
Innox @ 14/1

We've also done a sweepstake at work [£20 kitty] but I've been given some absolute donkeys. My horses are:

Iznogoud @ 200-1
Nil Desperandum @ 40-1
Direct Access @ 25-1
Cornish Rebel @ 20/1

I don't really know much about horses, let alone horse racing, and find watching these races boring, and in some cases I feel sorry for the horses, but I will not go into all that as I'm sure there'll be quite a bit of ranting in the papers. I only really want to have a bit of fun and win some money!!

Good luck


Ginny said...

I don't know anything about horse racing, but I just watched an old clip on tv in which the horse, Hoof Hearted, raced. Say it a few times ;) I laughed so hard!

Pynchon said...

God! Is the National this weekend? I'd better have a look at the contenders then.

Flash said...

I really don't know why but I'll be having a flutter like evryone else, I like the sound of Shotgun Willy.

adem said...

I lost.... boo hoo