Sunday, April 09, 2006

Wasps 26-10 Scarlets

Today I went to see the Rugby Union Powergen Cup final between London Wasps and Llanelli Scarlets. Although I don't follow club Rugby I was behind Wasps and they won 26-10 [Read the match report here].

I wasn't meant to be going but was a late replacement for Ian's girlfriend who had to drop out. I'd like to add that this was the only area that I filled in! So off we went on the 9:20am train to Twickenham [via Victoria and Clapham Junction] and we arrived there at midday. We'd had a few beers on the train, and so had a few beers in Codees Bar and went and got some lunch from Subway before heading to stadium at 2:30pm.

The match wasn't that brilliant, and I suppose this has something to do with only having a slight affinity with one of the teams, as opposed to being an ardent supporter, but it was still a good day out.

I'm thinking that I should decide on a rugby team to support properly [probably a London based one], so maybe the next time I go to a match I'll be more into it.

I took photos so if you're interested then click here.


jonny said...

What bloody song is 'Wasps 26-10 Scarlets' in then? Lazy and disappointing Mr. Djembly

adem said...


I like wasps....oh yes I do,

not the scarlets...they smell of poo.

Wasps 26-10 Scarlets was the score.

Although the game turned out to be a bore.

I like wasps....oh yes I do [repeat to fade]

A classic I think you'll agree

Kieran said...

I was busy watching Man United vs. Arsenal, but I did catch a glimpse of a monstrous skinhead getting his neck broken. What a sport. Only beaten by actual gladitorial combat.

Anonymous said...

Dude, that girl's hot! Who's she and why don't I know her?!

Flash said...

I'm sure she doesn't normally, but in that photo the lady looks like Bev from those really annoying car adverts with Bev & Kev.

adem said...

That's Emma, the girlfriend of Chris [guy on the right].

Nice one kev.