Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Only 10 days till the Rugby Sevens competition!!

The competiton is an annual tournament run by Thanet Wanderers RFC at their St. Peters Ground with the general aim of introducing more people to the game, and it always a good success, and definitely does a lot for their PR. The day revolves around playing games, drinking beer, and eating BBQ stuff. Brilliant.

This year we will be in fancy dress [as American Football players] and I'm working on the costumes this week. It should ensure that we have lots of fun and can have a wee muck about. I'm not too sure how many we've got actually playing for us but we could have around 15, although several have decided to purely be dedicated drinkers.

I first played Rugby Union when I was 11 and stopped playing when I was 16. I played for my School during this time, and it was really fun, but after 16 it started to get more serious and it wasn't something I really wanted. Sport should be fun.

I did join up to the Uni team here in Broadstairs, but due to work commitments, haven't been able to play much, so Good Friday will be a lot of fun. My only concern is that I've still got a slight calf strain, and also a slightly dodgy hamstring, which means that I will have to be careful over the next week, as I will be really pissed off if I can't play Rugger. Which reminds me that last year Jonny got dumped on his first touch of the ball and broke his collarbone! He was moaning for 3 days after, before going to the doctor, but luckily we were all drunk over the Easter weekend which lessened the pain.

Great Fun!


Flash said...

I'm far too soft to ever play rugger but I hope you have a hoot.

jonny said...

I think you'll find i wasn't 'dumped', it took two players to bring me down and by drawing those two into the tackle i opened up the field and selflessly passed the ball as i was going to ground with no regard for my own safety thus setting up a try. Actually

adem said...

OK then Jonny. Just this time make sure you don't break the other collor bone.