Sunday, November 20, 2005

But we did nothing, absolutely butkis that day

England 19-23 New Zealand

Damn it. We went up the pub at 2:30pm to watch the rugby....and stayed out till the pubs shut, so a fair bit of alcohol was consumed...and I've got to go to footy in an hour!

We made a detour from out normal pub route and actually visited a pub that's just re-opened, The Wheatsheaf. It used to be a bit of a dive and closed down for quite a while but has now reopened with a new owner and decor. It's still nothing special, has no TV, and is full of dodgy old men, but what it has got is a jukebox and pints for £2.30, which is a 50p saving on normal pub prices. Also the pool table was brokenlast night so we got to play on it for free!

Speak laters

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Lord Bargain said...

Things To Look For In A Pub Part 7:

free pool
cheap booze