Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Rugby Sevens

On Good Friday me and the boys entered a Rugby 7s tournament. Every Easter we go and watch the Rugby which takes place at the Thanet Wanderers Ground, and every year we say "We should enter that". It's a great day of drinking and rugby, and this year it happened.

We got there very early (10am) and had a few games of touch rugby between us (and a few beers). The games kicked off at 1am and in our first game we romped to a 49-0 victory. There was quite a long time before our second game and when we did eventually play we lost 19-0 but were happy with the performance. We went out after to celebrate and ended the evening at 12:30am. It was a great day and thanks to all the guys who decided to play for team 'Fats and Smalls'.
If you want a larger 1600x1200 jpeg (1.2MB) of the team photo then click here
P.S. Jonny broke his collarbone in the first match, and so was our only real injury.

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