Friday, May 26, 2006

Express yourself, create the space

You can check out my new football site here, which I talked about in my previous post. It's very cool, and only took a few days to get sorted.

Of course there isn't a HUGE amount on it at the moment but once the season starts and I move the new site to official domain then I think it'll work really well.

I am happy.


Napfisk said...

Woohoo! Looks really good. I don't really know how I'd want a football site to look, but it seems to just work out great. Again: well done mate!

adem said...

I enjoyed making it because I was learning something new and I actually had a personal interest in it.

The good thing is that it doesn't really take much to 'skin' the site ,and so I may fiddle with a few areas that i'm not happy with.

Cheers for the positive feedback.

Stef said...

Ay, looks alright. That e107 thing looks just the ticket. Good effort.

The first link in your post seems to 404 though...

adem said...

sorted. that happened because I moved the site to the official domain to replace the previous site and I hadn't updated that link to it was pointing to a non-existant file.

Cheers for pointing it out though.