Thursday, February 01, 2007

I hurt myself today

My legs simply wouldn't work at Football tonight as I had terrible cramp in my calves. I played indoor football on Tuesday for 90 minutes, then played two 30 minute Ten-aside rugby matches on Wednesday, and then tonight was an hour of football on outside on astroturf.

It was yesterday's rugby that did me in though as I played with the Uni team at a friendly tournament in North London, and hadn't played for a while. There's definitely more running in Tens than there is in Fifteens rugby, and we played the matches in immediate succession. We spent 2 hours on the minibus getting back to Broadstairs and then I went on the town with the team to watch the remainder of the Arsenal vs Spurs match (got to the pub after 35 mins and 0-0).

Arsenal won, which is always good, and then as I couldn't be bothered to go home I stayed on a sofa, a very small sofa, and that didn't help as it was only a 2-seater, and so I woke up with a very sore neck. Luckily the house is very near work and so I got into the office at 8:45am, grabbed a towel and had myself a nice shower before work.

And that was yesterday.

(here I am running with the ball)


Aravis said...

Great shot! Hope you're feeling up to snuff soon.

Stef said...

Al that exercise is bad for you mate.

adem said...

I played 11-aside football on Sunday too.

Although I feel better fr that though apart from some bruises and studmarks.