Thursday, December 01, 2005

If I'd been out 'till quarter to three,would you lock the door?

I'm off to Calais tomorrow on a 9:45am sailing from Dover. Not much news this week as I've been working away from a PC. I'll try and get some pictures and put them up sometime over the weekend.

Farewell for now, au revoir 24 years of age, hello more mature 25 years.

[soundtrack to the weekend: Royksopp - What Else Is There?]


Phil said...

Happy Birthday dude.
I'd meant to get an e-greeting to you but stuff has been a bit mental.

If you're free one weekend over the next couple of months you know where I am.

Ginny said...

Happy Birthday Adem!

I hope you have a wonderful birthday celebration and a really good 25th year ahead - full of fun, health, wealth and love. (Oh, do I feel old!)

adem said...

Cheers guys. I will report how yesterday went and giv eyou all the details.

Phil - Cheers for the offer, I'll have to check my diary and pencil you in!

Ginny - Thanks for that...I can already see the good times rolling in. P.S. I'm listening to you CDs (again) at the moment...excellent stuff