Friday, August 12, 2005

MacDonalds, MacDonalds. Kentucky Fried Chicken and a Pizza Rut

I'm working at the pub again today, this time from 3pm-7pm, and then I'm off out to the last night of Broadstairs Folk Week. To satisfy my ample food requirements I decided to go to Pizza Hut after I had finished my other job, and indulge in the Buffet Lunch which is basically an ' Eat as much as you want' offer. This would mean that I will gorge myself on pizza now, and then I won't be hungry for the rest of the day....brilliant.

Now the thing is that everytime I've been in the Pizza Hut restaurant there's only been girls working there (usually 17-19 year olds). This is not a problem except a previous time I went there with 3 mates and I came up with a Porno scenario for a film called 'Pizza Rut'. All the usual cliches came up (pun intended) and it means that everytime I go into Pizza Hut the same thoughts come into my head. I know this is typical for you guys out there, I usually rate every woman of whether I'd sleep with her or not! I know it sounds terrible and degrades women to mere sexual objects but it's a primal instinct that all men have (plus I'm not getting any!).

So now I'm a sexual deviant as soon as I enter Pizza Hut. Not physically but mentally ,and it puts me off my food! So there's the problem, not a great one, but one nevertheless. I bet they keep the ugly ones in the kitchen!

MMM I bet they're looking forward to the 'Meat Feast'!


Tom said...

"Pizza Rut". I like that. You produce it and I will direct it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Man,
Just checkin in to say hi.
Drop me an e-mail, let me know how you're doing.

adem said...

Tom - I rather preferred starring in it!

Phil - It's been a long time blogging, I thought we'd lost you. I'll drop you an email later.

Tom said...

Ah... But you forget, as producer and director we would have to personally supervise the auditions.

adem said...

It's a deal Tom. I'll get my people to talk to your people and we'll get something sorted!