Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Company Crap

Don't you hate it when people you deal with make things really hard for you and in the end you just go along with stuff because it's easier? I get this sometimes and because I'm an easy going person I'll prefer to avoid the confrontation and find a work-around solution.
I manage a website for a friends band Ticklin the Pickle which I originally hosted a co.uk with the company BargainHost on a cheap hosting plan. 2 years past and I found a cheaper and better hosting agreement with the company 1&1 (very good). I tried to transfer ticklinthepickle.co.uk to them but bargainhosts servers were making it hard for me and I was unable to register the .co.uk and instead got a .org.uk whilst I was sorting out the transfer of the .co.uk.
In the end I had to renew the .co.uk with bargainhost for the sum of £16! And got them instead to forward the domain to my .org.uk one.
All this was going well until suddenly the .co.uk is not working anymore and now I've been told they won't forward anymore and I'll have to pay £12 to transfer the domain over to 1&1! I'll probably have to do this, which is very annoying.
So the rant of this email is companies that muck you around. If you are looking for a good company to host and register domain names with then look no further than 1&1

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adem said...

I've managed to transfer the nameservers over to 1&1 and the site is back up again. I'm happy now. (and bargainhost were actually quite helpful in the end)