Thursday, October 21, 2004

MPs' expense accounts laid bare

Fuck me!!! Check out this from the BBC site

"MPs claim an average of £118,000 each a year from the public purse to cover travel expenses, and to run their offices and second homes."

"They are paid a £57,000 salary and can claim twice as much again for expenses."

"Prime Minister Tony Blair ran up a total expenses bill of £80,836 over the same period, on top of his £178,922-a-year salary."

"The MP with the highest claim in the year to March 2004 was Falkirk MP Eric Joyce, who racked up expenses totalling £140,000."

MPs also get a pension of up to 1/40th of their final salary for each year they pay in - twice as much as many schemes.

I think I need to change my job. Anyway I hope you are all as shocked as I am. Check it out and see what your MP is claiming. Are they worth your vote? Bloody Liars.

An MP can retire on £28,742 a year after 20 years in the Commons. They also receive a pay-off of up to £57,485 if they are defeated at a general election.

check out the BBC article here

Download the pdf table of their allowances

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